Maximise Your Weight Loss

12 week programme to increase weight loss

Want to lose weight? Want to drop a dress, shirt or pants size? Want to burn that excess body fat?

Why not try our ‘Maximise Your Weight Loss’ 12 week training programme and make a start on your weight loss goal.

Following the programme will help you to lose weight, burn body fat and enhance your general wellbeing. The programme is also aimed at improving your day to day lifestyle, helping improve your mobility and movement patterns, as well as just looking and feeling better.


At Maximise Potential, we have no ‘quick fix’ to weight loss but look to help clients adhere to long term training, helping to develop and improve their health and fitness. The Maximise Your Weight Loss programme is designed to get you started on your training journey, helping to shed those initial pounds and give you a platform to progress from. We want you to lose weight, look good and feel confident, not just for now but for the future too.

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