Maximise Your Physique

12 week programme to tone and ‘get ripped’

Feel the need to tone up? Want to 'get ripped'? Want to feel and look good?

Why not try our ‘Maximise Your Physique’ 12 week training programme and start to look and feel great.

Following the programme will help you to strip any excess body fat, enhance muscle definition and improve your confidence and general wellbeing. The programme is aimed at promoting lean tissue and stripping any excess body fat to help you look and feel better.

Whether you want to look better on the beach or feel more confident in your clothes, the Maximise Your Physique progressive plan will help you make the steps forwards, towards your ultimate goal. Follwing the structured programme will also help you to improve your overall health and fitness, as well as making those aesthetically pleasing changes.


 At Maximise Potential, we have no ‘quick fix’ to having that 'perfect'body but look to help clients adhere to long term training, helping to develop and improve their health and fitness. The Maximise Your Physique programme is designed to get you started on your training journey, helping to strip away at excess body fat, enhnace muscle definition and give you a platform to progress from.