Group Training Sessions

£5 per session

Experience a variety of group training sessions that interests you and supports your training goals. Group training is a cost effective way to gain safe and effective training and work towards your goals. No matter which type of training you wish to take part in, each session follows a progressive programme to ensure each person participating will develop through participation of the sessions. It is a great way to train, meet new people and find motivation through training with and assisting others, ultimately working towards your goals. Group session are also a great way to maintain training in between personal training sessions, to help increase rate of success.


Each group training session will last for 60minutes. During each session you will be guided through a variety of exercises, tailored to the specific session, to ensure safe and effective training takes place. Whether you wish to lose weight, improve your strength, improve sporting performance or just improve your general fitness, Maximise Potential has a group session for you.