Maximise Your Fitness

12 week programme to improve your general fitness

Want to improve your overall fitness? Need motivation to work at higher intensities?

Why not try our ‘Maximise Your Fitness’ 12 week training programme and start to improve your general fitness.

Following the programme will help you to increase fitness levels, boost energy levels, help reduce stress levels and assist you with more specific goals that you may have. The programme is aimed at enhancing your levels of fitness but will also assist in weight reduction/maintenance, strip body fat and enhance lean tissue, promoting muscle definition.

Whether you're preparing yourself for an event, looking to increase your fitness for a sport or just want to improve your overall fitness, the Maximise Your Fitness progressive plan will help you make the necessary strides towards your ultimate goal.


The 3 month training programme will help you find motivation, improve your fitness and inspire you to adhere to long term exercise. At Maximise Potential, we have no ‘quick fix’ and look to help clients adhere to long term training, helping to develop and improve their health and fitness. The Maximise Your Fitness programme is designed to get you started on your training journey, giving you a platform to progress from and sustain that level of training and exercise.

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