Maximise Your Sporting Performance

12 week programme to enhance your sport or athletic performance

Want to improve your speed, power, agility and acceleration? Want to develop your motor fitness? Want to improve your sporting or athletic performance?

Why not try our ‘Maximise Your Sporting Performance’ 12 week training programme and start to enhance your sporting or athletic performance.

Following the programme will help you to become stronger, faster, and more agile and powerful too. It will help you to focus on improving key movement patterns and enhance key elements of your sport or athletic discipline. As you become stronger, more powerful and agile, you will also reducethe risk of injury whilst competing in your sport or athletic event, as the muscles and joints become stronger and more robust.

A variety of sporting performance plans will be available in the New Year, with sports such as Football, Rugby, Lacrosse and Tennis being just a few available for purchase.