What We Do

  • Group Training Sessions

    Don’t like training alone? Want a more cost effective way to train? Why not try Maximise Potential’s group training sessions with one of our dedicated team? Read More

  • Training Programmes

    Follow one of our specific 12 week training programme’s to work towards your goal. Maximise Potential has a variety of specific training programmes that will provide you with all the support, guidance and drive that you need to achieve your goals. Read More

  • Athletic Development

    One to one training with one of our qualified sports coaches, to help you develop your athletic or sporting performance. Read More

  • Sports Specific Team Training

    Sports specific team training is a great way to get your sports team fit, strong and mobile for the demands of your specific sport. We can work alongside your team coaches to build an optimal periodised training plan or tailor your needs and deliver specific components if needed. Read More

  • Nutritional Analysis

    Gain a nutritional plan that’s easy to follow, after your current eating habits have been analysed, to assist and support your training programme. Read More