Maximise Your Muscle Mass

12 week programme to increase size and strength

Want to increase the size of your muscles? Strive to be a stronger you?

Why not try our ‘Maximise Your Muscle Mass’ 12 week training programme and start to enhance both your size and strength.

Following the programme will not only boost muscle mass but also develop your strength in everyday movements, as well as the ability to lift heavier in the gym. 


This programme will provide you with structured and detailed training sessions designed to improve your strength and size, including the specific sets, reps and intensities that you will be required to work to in order to achieve maximum results. My increasing muscular strength,  the risk of muscular and joint injury reduces, as we enhance stability around joints and produce stronger movements.  


At Maximise Potential, we have no ‘quick fix’ and look to help clients adhere to long term training, helping to develop and improve their health and fitness. The Maximise Your Muscle Mass programme is designed to get you started on your training journey and give you a platform to progress from.