Group Personal Training (2-5 people)

£50 x 2 people / £60 x 3 people / £70 x 4/5 people

Experience personal training with a friend or relative to fulfil your competitiveness or enhance your enjoyment by training with a partner who has similar goals to yours. You will receive a specific progressive programme that is tailored to your goals and that is implemented into your group training sessions. This is a great way to train, as you will still receive personal training, but it can be a more enjoyable way to train and also help challenge you to work a little harder, with the motivation from a friend or relative. Like with one on one training, regular testing will be completed to monitor progression and nutritional guidance will be provided.


Each group personal training session will last for 60minutes but can be tailored to suit the group’s needs, whether that’s a reduction or increase in duration (additional fees will apply for extended sessions). During each session you will be guided through a variety of exercises, tailored to the group’s needs, to ensure safe and effective training takes place.