• Rita Burrows Rita Burrows

    I used to be intimidated by gyms – I am not the most energetic person and years of neglect had left me unfit and overweight. My diet was appalling and I knew things had to change. I was 50 years old when I ventured, somewhat hesitantly into a gym. I met Martin there and in time, he became my personal trainer. I train with Martin twice a week and our sessions are always varied and include both cardio and toning exercises. I hate cardio with a passion but I know it’s good for a healthy heart and Martin gives me lots of encouragement – he can always get the best out of me even when I’m grumpy.

    I am 57 years old now and recently started to learn Olympic weightlifting which I was really enjoying. Unfortunately, I have recently been in hospital and my fitness level has dropped considerably due to my illness. Martin worked on a rehabilitation plan to get me back on track and I have already seen some massive improvements in my fitness level in a few short weeks.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Martin as a personal trainer. He is 100% committed to getting you fit no matter what your age or ability. It takes hard work and dedication on your part but if you have someone like Martin on your side you’ve definitely got a head start.

  • John Allen John Allen

    Originally I got involved with Maximise Potential to lose weight and keep some sort of fitness. I went from playing the odd game of 5-a-side, and struggling to run a mile without stopping, to completing two marathons, and various half marathons and fell running events. This was all down to expert guidance and coaching from the team on techniques, nutrition and training planning. I had always been a casual jogger, but I never felt I had the willpower to push myself to improve on personal bests - if I got tired on a run, I would simply stop or slow down. Thanks to great insight on how to "maximise" my running, and getting involved in the group track sessions, my pace has improved from a 9:30 min mile to a 7:00 min mile and the personal bests keep on getting toppled.

    I have also tried out the strength and conditioning classes, which I was initially dubious about as I have always found weights a bit dull in the gym. But after 4 weeks of group sessions, I felt stronger, the weight continued to come off and I felt great. The setup of all the sessions is fantastic. The groups consist of people of all fitness levels and there is a great atmosphere each week. 

    I recently completed a 12 week "get ripped" programme, which was tailored to my needs. I work away a lot, so don't have access to gym equipment all the time but, with the help of stability ball work, A LOT of running and circuits, I lost 13 kg and I feel fantastic!

    Thanks Maximise Potential!

  • Kev Clowrey Kev Clowrey

    I was told the best way to lose weight was to run, run and run some more, so I started with Maximise Potential after tagging along with a friend in mid 2013. I didn't really know what to expect as my previous running memories at the time were a 10K horror ending in vomiting in the Castlefield canal and a 5k "fun" run that expertly hidden the fun.

    It all started with Wednesday night track running where I'll never forget my line "what, you want me to run all the way around the track?". It's a really nice group of friendly people of very varied standards so nobody should be put off. The coaching is very good and tailored excellently to each individual person.

    So, here I am now in Nov 2014 nearly 3 stone lighter and with both a half marathon and full marathon under my belt. I've also completed two Tough Mudders, two Hell Runs and a Total Warrior and have genuinely never felt fitter. I never set out to do any of these events but was encouraged to give them a go and I definitely haven't looked back and I'm really proud of my achievements.

    All in all I genuinely can't recommend Maximise Potential highly enough.

  • Ryan, Altrincham Ryan, Altrincham

    As a 100m sprinter, I suffered a lot with hamstring injuries which was stopping me competing at the level I wanted to. I approached Martin initially for some advice on different types of training that would assist with my sprint training. Before doing anything he wanted to see me sprint. He identified a few key movement errors and gave me advice on how to improve, to reduce risks of injury. After hearing what he had to say, I decided to start training with him on a regular basis. We completed strength work and plyometric training to help improve my overall power, co-ordination and reaction times, to help me get quicker.

    As I become stronger and more powerful, I realised that I wasn't picking up as many injuries and that I was able to train at higher intensities and my pace was improving. I am now competing at a much higher level within my athletics club and hope to now compete at the upcoming championships. Thanks for all the hard work and training!

  • Christine, Bowdon Christine, Bowdon

    When I started training with Martin, my long term goal was to achieve a new personal best for the Great North Run. However, I suffered with scoliosis which restricted my ability to run to my full potential. Martin started on improving my running technique and correcting my alignment. I was doing things during the session that I never thought I was capable of. We mainly focused on improving my strength, to help increase my run pace and increase my stride length. I was also now running pain free.

    Martin improved my running time (13 miles) from 2hours 17 minutes to 2 hours 5 minutes. His constant support and advice on injuries, diet and training was fantastic. He designed a full progressive training plan for me as I prepared for the Great North Run, as well as the one on one training sessions. Martin is a very good trainer and is a lovely guy. He is friendly, professional, inspirational, informative and knowledgeable, and an all round nice guy.

  • Caroline Daly Caroline Daly

    My personal training with Maximise Potential has been amazing. My level of general fitness was the first thing I noticed that had improved and, after just having a baby, I’m now working towards toning up my body. The service is friendly, relaxing and very professional and I would recommend it to anyone! The track sessions are brilliant - running with others really makes you push yourself harder. I can't thank Rick and everyone at Maximise Potential enough!

  • Colin Brunton Colin Brunton

    Maximise Potential is an amazing, pleasant set up, where everybody of different abilities are made to feel welcome. I joined 12 months ago and could hardly run around the block at the time. Within a short space of time, due to the excellent coaches, I was signing up for more and more events, due to my fitness increasing, and weight dropping. To date, I have ran a marathon, Hell Run, Tough Mudder, and other similar events due to the hard work and dedication of the Maximise Potential staff... I can't thank them enough, and encourage anybody of any age to get involved with this amazing team.

  • Jess Royle Jess Royle

    I have been going to Maximise Potential’s Strength and Conditioning workshop for almost a year now and I love the sessions Rick and Martin put on. At first I was a little hesitant, as I have never done any free weight exercises or training before, so this was a great place to start. The session always starts with a warm up and then a quick run through as to what we will be doing in that session. Rick and Martin will talk through and demonstrate each exercise before we carry it out and will offer constructive criticism and/or praise and encouragement along the way. I work with young children and as a result used to struggle with lower back problems, since attending Strength and Conditioning my back problems are non-existent as I have strengthen my back muscles. This is a session I highly recommend and now thoroughly enjoy!

  • Geoff Paley Geoff Paley

    I have been training regularly with Rick and Martin in the gym and their aptly named Metabolic Mayhem sessions, which have greatly helped me to achieve my goal of improving my strength and fitness whilst losing, and more importantly, managing my weight. From a non runner in January, I have this year completed Tough Mudder and Hell Up North, of which I am immensely proud of myself, and owe gratitude to Maximise Potential for getting there and through them.

  • Amy Wheelwright Amy Wheelwright

    Maximise Potential produced a tailored twelve week programme for me to help me lose weight and improve my general fitness. The programme was a great mixture of gym work, home programmes, jogging - to fit in my daily routine - and a full diet plan. It is a very thorough programme with great support and assistance, and this continued to encourage me and helped maintain my motivation.

    In addition to the programme, I booked Rick for several one-on-one training sessions so he could monitor my technique as I worked through the gym element of my programme. Rick is a fantastic motivator and knew just how far to push me so I was performing at my absolute limit, which was more than I thought was possible! These sessions gave me the courage to use heavier weights than I’ve ever tried, and up my intensity on the cardio machines.

  • Richard Sear Richard Sear

    I have been training with Martin for core strength, toning and stamina. His enthusiasm for his profession and the skill in which he coaches is very motivating. He has an engaging style and is resolute in obtaining results. He has the ability to encourage clients to drive themselves harder in order to achieve desired objectives, something I was keen to push in my own situation. He has certainly enabled me to go beyond where I thought I could take myself in terms of endurance and I know there is still a great deal more to achieve. Martin makes the training sessions interesting and informative. Not only does he work hard and is an able athlete, he is intelligent and articulate with a dry sense of humour. He is a competent individual who ‘knows his stuff‘ and is equally able to translate his knowledge and experience in tailoring his approach to training to suit the client. I would recommend Martin without question to anyone who is thinking about fitness sessions with a personal trainer.

  • Sandra Reyner Sandra Reyner

    I have been going to Martin for nearly three years and as someone who was previously an infrequent gym visitor, I have found Martin's methods to be perfect for me in terms of my overall improved fitness. Martin has also been invaluable with advice on nutrition and diet. Overall I have found this to be a very positive experience.